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Will Elliott’s Outdoors: Here are some items to aid an angler’s pursuit

While there may be no new thing under the sun, the 2016 Annual Triple S Dealer Show each year introduces area anglers to new items and devices that make things go well or better on the water. Here are some new products that were featured on the exhibitor floor at Adams Mark on Jan. 27.

Ice device

Ice anglers, especially on thin or thicker ice, rely on power-driven augers to make fishing holes in the ice. Manufacturers have designed efficient motors, with electric drills running quieter than gas-driven drills. Both work well when the ice thickens and anglers need to get through 2 feet or more of ice.

Ice-angler experts like to drill a long line of holes to check out depth and fish presence. One problem for drillers with electric units has been power retention. Many devices use hand drills with chuck adaptors for an auger. Newer power packs hold longer charges and additional batteries can be carried to replace weakening batteries.

Nils USA introduced this year the Nils Master Annihilator 42 Li-Ion. J.P. Raatikainen, A Burlington, Vt., resident and president of Nils USA, demonstrated this new device at the Triple S show, pointing out its durability and functions.

“I’ve used it on lakes near home and you can drill 80 to 100 holes through 3 feet of ice,” he said. He didn’t mention fish catches.

The unit has an insulated battery pack that keeps the Annihilator running to minus-40-degree readings. The 8-inch auger head spins at 425 rpm, the fastest turning for an electric auger. The unit has a reverse to push slush out of each drilled hole.

For more details on this and other Nils Master lures, augers and accessories, visit

Diving devices

Two new products will help boaters run deeper more quickly and more efficiently this 2016 trolling season.

Slide-Diver, an adjustable, weighted trolling diver device, has developed a more efficient release mechanism for side-planners and now has a heavier weight system, which gets planers down to desired depths with less line.

Conventional disc diving devices are fixed with a 3-ounce weight; the new Slide-Diver models, with the Lite-Bite mechanism, come in weights out to 7 ounces.

Eric Trempe, company owner, noted, “A new packaging system comes with a kit that includes options that will reduce disc and line changes.”

Trempe explained that trollers can use the same disc for several different diving and side-diving functions. Check out the new Slide-Diver features at

Matthew Sawrie at Torpedo Divers in London, Ont., has brought to this trade show a number of trolling weights and hook-up devices in seasons past. This year, Sawrie introduced a new line of line that helps get lures down deeper more quickly and with less tangle worries.

Torpedo Divers’ new braided steel trolling line functions like copper without coiling into backlashes.

“Copper retains a memory and often forms loops that are hard to straighten without forming a kink,” Sawrie demonstrated with reels spooled with both the new steel and copper. To check out this and all other Torpedo products, visit

Jigging device

Kamooki, a Smart Fish product from Canada, is a new, lipless, leveling crankbait that works well as a vertical jig, a crankbait version of drop shot or stand-up jig and a body bait that can function as a trolling or drifting lure.

Derek Koch, Kamooki rep, explained that the body, heavily weighted with a zinc keel at its front belly, flutters well while worked vertically, in a current or on a boat drift. The Kamooki has just one treble hook at its tail, and the lure’s design gives it an action and positioning that always keeps the hook upward and in striking range for fish.

Koch notes that this lure works well on open waters or through ice in 4-, 3-, and 2.5-inch models. The smallest model shows nice flutter at the slightest lift and drop speeds; it should be a good ice device. For more detail on this lure, visit

Coloring devices

Many a major lure manufacturer has produced minnow-type baits that can be cast as crankbaits or can be trolled as suspended, injured minnows. Challenger Lures, a Western New York production company, has come up with nine body designs in more than 50 color combinations.

Jim Dolly, challenger rep and derby-winning angler, pointed out the many new color patterns for the 2016 line of lures. During the 2015 trolling season, particularly on Lake Erie, Dolly noticed that lures with purple/red highlights or accessory trim took more walleyes than other colors. Check out those new colors and all lure designs at

The popular Uncle Josh Baits will no longer be marketed for anglers, but tackle shops will have, or will soon have, many new items for gearing up in the 2016 fishing season.