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Mayor Brown fared well with last State of City’s ‘will-do’ list

• Squaw Island would be renamed Unity Island.

It was.

• The city would kick off a “34 or more” recycling awareness program.

It did, although the goal – a 34 percent recycling rate – has yet to be met.

• Property taxes would be frozen.

They were.

• AMC Theatres, the nation’s second-largest movie theater chain, would open an eight-screen movie theater at the former Market Arcade Film & Arts Centre.

The deal’s done, but construction work hasn’t started, so it’s not open.

• Brown would begin a public dialogue on the importance of diversity and equity in the workplace through his Opportunity Pledge and creation of a Racial Equity Roundtable.

Both occurred, but as with the recycling rate, the goal of a citywide workforce – in all sectors of the local economy – reflecting Buffalo’s diversity has a way to go.

• The city would issue a Request-for-Proposals from developers to build a grocery store to open downtown, on city-owned land at 201 Ellicott St.

The RFP was issued, and Brown announced Friday that Tops likely will be opening a supermarket there as part of a larger project by Ciminelli Real Estate Corp.

– Susan Schulman