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Letter: Trapping isn’t the answer to island’s coyote problem

Trapping isn’t the answer to island’s coyote problem

After watching a Jan. 29 story on the local TV news, I was surprised to see how the issue was changed from trapping on Grand Island to the coyote problem.

I am in favor of restrictions on trapping when it could endanger domestic animals. The traps that would be used to trap coyotes would have to be very strong because these creatures are the size of German shepherds. The town says there is a problem with the coyotes. I know there is, because my neighbor’s dog got attacked by one, but I don’t think trapping is the answer.

Maybe we should have more dog wardens who could hunt them down, or a hunting program implemented like for deer, or bait with contraceptives to keep the population down.

I think our new town supervisor should do some research on the strength of these traps and how they can harm innocent creatures caught and left to suffer for 24-plus hours. I’m sure he wouldn’t like to suffer for that length of time.

Claudia Preve

Grand Island