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Man accused of stealing and ‘huffing’ inhalant

NIAGARA FALLS – An Alden man allegedly took cans of duster from a store and was caught “huffing” or inhaling chemical vapors from the cans to get high in a store restroom Tuesday night.

Eric J. Bartram, 30, of Pohl Road, was charged at 9 p.m. with petit larceny, possession of stolen property, criminal mischief, inhalation of toxic vapors and appearing under the influence in public.

Bartram was seen at 6:30 p.m. sitting outside, without a coat on, near a Target store in the 7400 block of Niagara Falls Boulevard. When an officer went to investigate, he lost sight of Bartram, but found several empty cans of duster. Bartram was located inside the store in the restroom with more cans of duster, which had allegedly been stolen from the store.

Police reported Bartram was in pain and disorientated and he was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for treatment.