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Letter: Hawks who never served should stop touting war

Hawks who never served should stop touting war

The situation in Iranian waters involving our brave sailors was quite disturbing in many ways. Conservative websites and the likes of Charles Krauthammer spew their tough talk and say this administration should be ashamed of its handling of the situation. These same war hawks, tough-talking politicians and political right-wing journalists have no stake in this game. Yet, with pen in hand or a platform to stand on, they demand retribution, apologies or some kind of military show of force.

With a Congress short on combat veterans who served during a conflict or actual wartime, these demands flow freely – mainly because they have no memory or any wartime experiences to reflect on. If they did, they would have seen this situation for what it was. A lot to do about nothing. Our sailors were disarmed and detained because they strayed into Iranian waters. They were held overnight, sheltered, fed and released unharmed the following day after less than 24 hours of talks. Can you imagine what the consequences would be if an Iranian military ship was spotted off the Florida coast?

When only 0.4 percent of our population serves in the military, that is wrong. Our politicians sold the public on an all-voluntary military. I refer to it as the U.S. middle-class military.

Sen. John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry are combat veterans who served in Vietnam. Did you hear either of them calling for retribution over this minor mishap in Iranian waters? No, of course not. Because when their country was in a wartime situation, they answered the call and served – and they have their memories.

Our present-day war hawks with no memories of war continue their charade as warriors, as do some journalists and politicians.

Phil Ryan

Vietnam War Veteran

West Seneca