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Mayor Geoffrey M. Szymanski will be getting a larger paycheck after the City Council on Monday approved an ordinance that sets the mayoral salary at $100 more than that of the city comptroller.

In proposing the ordinance, city attorney Antonio Savaglio pointed to a provision in the City Charter that established the formula in 1996.

“I don’t thin it’s fair the mayor’s salary is $2,000 higher than his secretary,” said Councilman Joseph Jerge. “I think the mayor deserves more money. There’s 110 people in the city who make more than the mayor right now. If we pass this measure tonight, there still will be 55 city employees who make more than the mayor.”

Szymanski, by law, should be getting $75,100. His current salary is $56,000.

Council President Keith Lewis agreed that the mayor’s salary was too low, but questioned whether Szymanski would be entitled to retroactive pay.

“I’d like to ask the state attorney and state comptroller to give us a clarification,” said Lewis, who was concerned that the provision in accordance with the state constitution.”

The council approved the measure 4 to 1, with Lewis dissenting.

The additional cost to this year’s budget would be $11,000.

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