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Letter: Corporations want unions to disappear

Corporations want unions to disappear

A Dec. 29 letter from the executive director of the Center for Union Facts attempts to mislead readers by trying to imply that the so-called Employee Rights Act will “strengthen workers’ voices on the job.” In reality, this is another attack upon the workers’ real voice in the workplace – unions.

Yes, we do need labor law reform to make it easier for people to join a union, which a clear majority of workers want. But with the way labor laws are watered down, and the willingness of corporations to violate current laws, companies have instilled fear in people’s lives.

Corporations want to see unions disappear, but as long as people seek justice in the workplace, they know that organized labor is the only check and balance against what is tantamount to slave labor. To try to imply that we have “union bosses” is a joke. Union leaders today want to work with the companies that their members work for. Unions are the voice inside that workplace.

Unions want a fair and equitable share of the profits that our members make for the company. We want good working conditions, fair compensation and good benefits, along with the right to allow members to have their grievances resolved.

Michael J. Rusinek