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Weather inside is frightful as museum explores winter

Buffalo may not be getting much of its usual winter weather, but the Polar Activities exhibit at the Buffalo Museum of Science allows families to experience how native people and animals coped with harsh natural conditions, including frigid weather.

As part of this week’s exhibit, children can see how well they walk like a penguin in a race where they have to use their feet to transport an “egg” from one spot to another.

The exhibits are among a number of activities offered at the museum and Tifft Nature Preserve through Sunday as part of the museum’s ongoing education efforts.

“You can learn a lot of things,” said 9-year-old Elise Witzleben, who stopped by an exhibit on Inuit culture after attending a birthday party at the museum on Sunday.

After exchanging modern-day birthday gifts, she and the other children learned about traditional toys, including a ring and pin game.

The object of the game is to swing the string to try and get the ring over the top of the stick.

“They’re cool because you really have to think to get it,” she said of the traditional Native American toys.

Although there have been few flurries in area skies, 7-year-old Hannah Dobe came to the museum with weather on her mind.

Her favorite exhibit is the weather room, where guests can experience different conditions such as tropical storms and tornadoes.

Weather enthusiasts like Hannah can also try their hand at meteorology, using different conditions to create their own forecast.

So in her professional opinion, does Hannah think we will see snow anytime soon?

“Maybe,” she said.

If not, maybe the weather room has a blizzard setting.