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Letter: Officials shouldn’t tamper with Second Amendment

Officials shouldn’t tamper with Second Amendment

When I was a young engineer, my most senior supervisor taught me a lesson that has served me until today: Before you start any project, spend time to think the project from start to finish, looking for any pitfalls.

Using this scenario, let’s evaluate gun ownership. There hasn’t been a law instituted in human history that is obeyed by 100 percent of the populace. Examples include speed limits, drinking and driving, use of illegal drugs, listening to requests from police officers, etc.

The Second Amendment was written into the Constitution by the most brilliant minds of the time to institute a democratic form of government that has prevailed from their lifetimes to ours. Now, although the success of the Second Amendment is self-evident, there are members of the present day intelligentsia who think that we should alter its meaning or attributes.

If, by some miracle, all the guns in the United States could be confiscated or eliminated, how long would it take the rogue nations of the world to resupply the psychotic members of our society with black market weapons? How well have we done stopping the trade in illegal drugs? Many lives are cut short by “things” – accidents, cars, trucks, knives, swords, spears and, yes, guns. But the main cause of this destructive behavior is a psychotic mind.

With a population of 330 million, the medical industry is unable to glean psychotic persons before they plan harm to others. It is more difficult to accomplish than the old proverbial adage “finding a needle in a haystack.”

So before we tamper with the Second Amendment, something that has worked successfully for 226 years, let us proceed with intellectual caution.

Daniel S. Kopec

Orchard Park