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LeSean McCoy denies report that he hung up on Chip Kelly

LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly may not be best buds. The Buffalo Bills running back said he wouldn't shake his former coach's hand (maybe you've heard?) and didn't speak to Kelly or anyone on the Philadelphia Eagles for that matter after Buffalo's 23-20 loss on Sunday.

But on Wednesday, McCoy denied the report by the Philadelphia Inquirer that Kelly called him and he hung up on the coach. McCoy said he never received a call at all. Immediately after the game, Kelly also denied the report.

McCoy was the first player to leave the field on Sunday and didn't take questions in the locker room. This loss clearly bothered him more than usual, this chance to knock off the team that traded him away.

"When you lose a game, obviously you're mad and disappointed but you move on," McCoy said. "We've got the Redskins this week, a good opponent. So we'll try to go in there and get a win.

"Just upset. We didn't win the game. The same as any game if you lose. Obviously, (ticked) off. In that game, we had some big errors with the penalties. Small things kind of got us. That was really it, pretty much angry about that."

McCoy raised some eyebrows when, as the team's lone captain, he knelt down to kiss the Eagles' logo at midfield before the coin flip.

He wouldn't get into why he did so.

"We've got the Redskins this week," McCoy said. "All of that's in the past."

When someone pointed out that it was a public statement to some degree, he continued "Listen, I'm worried about the Redskins. That game in Philadelphia's over."

So... that was just another game? "That game's done."

And that was that on the Eagles. McCoy is taking the Belichick route on this frustrating loss.

In general, he isn't worried about players checking out at 6-7 with playoff hopes all but dead.

"I don't see that," McCoy said. "I feel like if we go out and win and pray things happen, we can get in the playoffs. But if not, we're going to play every game like it's our last."

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