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Letter: Perhaps Trump does not really want to be president

Perhaps Trump does not really want to be president

Has it ever occurred to anyone that Donald Trump does not want to be president of the United States? He is making the right moves in that direction by piling bombastic statements on top of each other until almost everyone will have had enough and realize he is a threat to America and its tenuous thread as a country with democratic ideals and humanitarian dignity. He wants us to “fire” him the way he dismissed those on his reality TV show.

But somehow, he speaks to the underbelly of racists, weapons fanatics and people who do not understand the nature of international relations. Right now the United States is a fractured nation. It has not been given the direction it needs to combat an enemy, the likes of which it has never faced; an enemy that glorifies the martyrdom of its followers and cares nothing for the sanctity of human life. That’s when a person like Trump finds his audience and followers.

Hopefully we stop giving credence to Trump and those like him who appeal to the frightened and the uninformed, giving rise to things far worse than they would protect us from. But it is time for leaders of the world to do a better job allaying the fears people naturally have. We do not want fear and fear-mongering ruling our lives.

Ronald J. Cohen

East Amherst