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Letter: Demonizing gun owners won’t encourage dialogue

Demonizing gun owners won’t encourage dialogue

Adam Zyglis belongs to a great tradition in political cartooning.

Pamphleteers of a century ago showed us Uncle Sam with fangs, and Jews with gross features and deeds. Now we have Zyglis’ National Rifle Association members.

There is more than this, though. In the constant interviewing of gun control advocates and officials, we don’t hear any rude interruptions with questions like: “don’t we already have background checks?”or “ isn’t the term ‘loopholes’ misleading?” or “isn’t ‘gun violence’ (another politically loaded term) almost always carried out with guns illegally owned?” or “why aren’t we going after traffic in street weapons instead of always focusing new restrictions on legal ownership?”

The NRA’s function is to use private ads and public events, which seem to be the only practical means to defend a democratic principle that was meant to keep citizen status in tact, and the citizen from being prey. A principle that should not need defending.

Dan Hoffman