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Letter: Climate change threatens survival of planet’s people

Climate change threatens survival of planet’s people

I was born just a few years before World War II. The pervasive ambience during my childhood years was the war. The whole country sacrificed to defeat our enemy. Each of us in every family had a ration book to limit our consumption. We had a used 1938 Ford; no cars were produced until the war was over. I went out with my brother to collect milkweed pods for the war effort. Any money anyone had available was used to purchase war bonds. We faced an enemy that had to be defeated for our survival.

The same situation exists today, except the enemy is our own lack of effort to deal with climate change. Our survival depends on us minimizing the release of greenhouse gases, or we will see the unwelcome mass migration of people all over the world to higher, safer places to live, not just to maintain their way of life, but for their own survival. Our own Western New York is one of these places. How will we handle the future onslaught?

The answer is the 100 percent concentration of producing clean energy the same way companies changed their factories to build war weapons 75 years ago. Electric/hybrid vehicles must be the major vehicle design. To fund this effort we must issue green energy bonds, the same way we bought war bonds when I was a kid. Our survival for a decent way of life for our children hangs in the balance.

David F. Baker