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Letter: It’s wonderful to see pope practice what he preaches

It’s wonderful to see pope practice what he preaches

Pope Francis’ recent visit to the United States allowed our nation to connect with one of the most progressive and vibrant personalities on the world stage. His visit provided numerous opportunities for Americans to experience those issues close to his heart, and to discover more about a leader who has captivated practicing Catholics, non-Catholics and non-Christians alike.

One occasion that Francis used to illustrate his message was, following his address to Congress, choosing not to break bread with politicians, but instead visiting the St. Maria Meals Program for lunch with the homeless. Further, with the unfolding Syrian migrant crisis, Francis has recently asked each European parish to take in a refugee family, continuing to shine a compassionate light upon the homeless.

This model of congregations taking in homeless families hits home with a local organization, Family Promise of WNY. Since 1996, FPWNY has met the needs of families experiencing homelessness in the greater Buffalo area by working with local faith communities. These congregations provide temporary shelter, meals and assistance to families that are typically separated in other homeless shelters. Families then visit the program’s Day Center, where staff helps them secure housing, employment and benefits, helping them achieve their goals and successfully transition into more permanent housing.

FPWNY is always in need of assistance, and relies on participation from the community. To learn more, including how to get involved, visit www.fpwny.org. Donations of food, supplies and finances are welcome.

Christian Hoffman


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