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Ryan says Patriots were trying 'embarrass' Buffalo in Week Two

Rex Ryan isn't done talking about the New England Patriots. Multiple times this week, he has referenced the Buffalo Bills' fight late in Week 2 as the team's "bounce back" into a 41-14 win at Miami in Week 3.

On Monday, he said the Patriots were "trying to stick it" to the Bills.

"We know it, everybody knows it, I am the only guy that will admit it. But we knew it. And it was like okay, this is who we are. I can tell you this--we are a very talented team. Especially when we have our guys out there. We will see how it goes."

On Wednesday, he brought up the end to that game again.

Even with a 37-13 lead into the fourth quarter, the Patriots continued to pass, and pass, which helped Buffalo get back into the game. With three rapid-fire touchdowns, the Bills pulled within 37-32 and had one final shot to tie late at 40-32 until a Tyrod Taylor pass sailed high for an interception.

When asked if the loss led to any "humility," Ryan said the Bills "are who we are and we don't need to apologize for it." And again, he brought up Bill Belichick's approach to that fourth quarter.

"What I loved is how we battled back when a team was clearly trying to embarrass us," Ryan said. "We stood up to them and said, 'Here we are. We're going to give you our best shot,' regardless of what the scoreboard is. So we'll see. Again, we'll play that one down the road. I think the thing you realize, when we talked about building a team that represented our community and the pride that we would take in playing 60 minutes, that showed it right there if anybody ever doubted it."

Earlier, when asked about Eli Manning, Ryan also said he likes the fact that Manning knocked off the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl, adding "I'm not all the way over the Brady butt-kicking he did against us."

The Bills and Patriots will meet again Nov. 23 on Monday Night Football.

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