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What They Said: Transcripts of Incognito, Watkins, Woods and Kyle Williams following Tuesday's Buffalo Bills practice

Transcript of media sessions following Tuesday's Buffalo Bills practice at One Bills Drive: guard Richie Incogntio, wide receiver Sammy Watkins, defensive tackle Kyle Williams and wide receiver Robert Woods. Provided by the Buffalo Bills.

G Richie Incognito

Q: What is your anticipation like for this game?

A: I’m excited to go down there and compete against these guys. I still have a lot of close friends on the team and within the organization. So any time you get a chance to go down and compete against your buddies is really special, so I’m really looking forward to it. Look forward to going, seeing some friends down in the South Beach area and looking forward to coming home with the win.

Q: Is there anything personal?

A: You know, I don’t think it’s personal. I think it’s one of those things wherein professional sports you kind of cross paths with one of your old teams, and you want to give it to them, you want to play well and you want to come away with a win. Especially since I’m so close to some of those guys and have been competing with them for so long, it’s like a brotherly love. You want to kick your brother’s butt in anything you do so it’s going to be fun to go down there and compete with them.

Q: Is your personal motivation pretty strong considering how you left?

A: I think I’m personally motivated for every single game I play in. I’m juiced up; I’m amped up for every single game. This one just has a little more meaning. There’s obviously bigger things at play here. But for me, it’s just focusing, going down there, playing physical and playing tough football.

Q: Do you worry at all about any potential distractions?

A: No not really. It’s a normal game week. It’s just getting the flow of the game week and getting prepared and go down there and having a great game.

Q: You know a lot of those guys over there, especially on the D-Line like Cameron Wake, what information can you share with your team?

A: You know, I’ve got a little insider tips on dealing with a couple of those guys. They’re a talented group; Cam Wake is one of the best pass rushers in the league, they’ve got Olivier Vernon over there who I think is a very good, solid, ball player. They’ve got (Ndamukong) Suh who’s obviously all world, he’s a great ball player, Earl Mitchell, he’s been playing really well for them so, they definitely have some talent, it’s going to be a tall order for us to go down there and get a win.

WR Sammy Watkins

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I’m getting better every week with my endurance, the coach has been doing great with making me run after practice, I think I’m in way better shape than last year. I really don’t come off the field but probably one play, two plays, so my physical and mentally, I’m there.

Q: What goes into that trust with Tyrod Taylor?

A: Making plays. Like I said, we have new guys, we haven’t made plays with them, so the more we make plays, the more they get comfortable with us and the more the line blocks, he can get more comfortable with standing in the pocket. That’s the thing with playing these games, you get to realize it’s a big difference when you haven’t played with a guy for long, so you can’t point fingers at him and be saying, ‘Well he missed these throws, well some guys messed up their routes or gaps,’ so you can’t really point out fingers we just have to all get on the same page.

Q: How much did you not playing in the preseason factor into that?
A: A lot. He didn’t really get that much time to play with the ones with (Charles) Clay, (Percy) Harvin, Robert (Woods) and myself. Like I said, it’s week two, we have to get back to the basics of the offense and run the mandatory plays and once everyone starts clicking and actually start trusting each other to be in their position, to make big plays, to get that first down, it’ll be much easier.

Q: What did the Patriots do differently from the Colts that allowed you to have a better game statistically?

A: I think it was all on our offense. The penalties that were getting called, we were as a whole team and group and staff we were just, the emotions were too high for the team and I think it was on both sides of the ball. Like I said, we lost in field position, we were in the worst field position I’ve ever seen in football, every time we were backed up so, we just have to get on the same page as an offense and do the same thing we did the first drive. How we played the second half of the game, that was perfect, that’s how we need to play the first quarter of the game the second quarter of the game, the third quarter and the fourth and we got to have much more consistency.

Q: Did the Patriots treat you different defensively than the Colts did?

A: It was a lot of wrinkles they were throwing at me. I was clouded sometimes, a guy was up under me every play, so I’m going to get that all year, I can’t worry about what type of defense will be thrown at me, I just have to go out there and make plays, whether its triple coverage, double coverage, I have to beat it.

DT Kyle Williams

Q: Now that you hit the road do you think the team can settle down and get into that?

A: I think we have talked enough about what needs to be done. And how we need to have more poise, and be more focused on what we are doing. Obviously that is a big key going on the road, something that were going to have to do from start to finish to go and win a division game on the road in Miami.

Q: Are you interested to see how the team handles the road test?

A: I think we will be fine. I think we will get a good week of preparation in and we will be ready to go. I don’t think there is any anxiousness or worry about how we will responded. I think we will be okay.

Q: Is it harder to get rid of that game than any others?

A: I can’t say no. I think being this early, I think the only time you can’t get rid of a game like that is if its late, maybe the last game of the year, if it means something late in the year they are harder to get rid of. But this early, we have such a quick turnaround we have to get ready to go play another division game in Miami. It is only the second week of the season. It is kind of like I said last week, it is a big game it is obviously a division, kind of like a two-for game. AFC and a division opponent but win, lose or draw it wasn’t going to make or break us. So the quicker we understand that, which I think we do and get ready and prepared to go down and play Miami, the better we are going to be. So we got a big test there, and we can’t let one game turn into two. So that is kind of what we are focused on.

Q: What do you see from Ryan Tannehill on film?

A: He does a good job running and throwing the ball and running there up-tempo. They can get into empty, they can distribute the ball, he can take off and run the ball. So we really haven’t put the plan together yet, kind of moved on and started watching him a good bit. So it is a big challenge we have played him a few times, and as you play quarterbacks the older they get it seems like the more efficient, the better they get at running their offense. So we have a big test.

Q: You said this was the most teachable game of your career what was it like watching this game again on Monday?

A: I think it is everything that you expect it to be. You know how do we respond against a team that is extremely poised and extremely focused and it all starts at their quarterback. How are we going to approach a game from the start of the game rather than settling down in the middle of it and then trying to play catch up. So against a very good football team, obviously Super Bowl Champions, AFC champions, all that. You can’t wait till halftime or after to settle down and settle into your scheme and know what you are doing. We have to do it from the start and if you don’t, what happens on Sunday. You have miscommunication, you have errors, and that is what they thrive on, that’s how they do.  So we really have to focus on being focused. There is a big difference between being focused and poised at the beginning and playing over and across the line. So I think we are going to find that happy medium.

WR Robert Woods

Q: What kind of precautions can you take to play down there in the heat?

A: Yeah we are fueling up. We have our Gatorades and our water bottles--getting hydrated right now. Just get ready for the heat. I don’t know if the heat will be on in the building like previous years, but just got to be prepared.

Q: What can you guys do to correct the special teams penalties?

A: Play within the whistles. A lot of the stuff was after the whistle anyway. Play within the whistles, play legal. I think that will change the field position and put ourselves in a better chance to win the game.

Q: How important is it to try and bounce back?

A: It is very big because it is a division opponent. Miami is one of our rivals as well. Just got to get a win, get back on the winning sides of things, still early in the season.

Q: What are some of the things you guys are able to take from that loss?

A: Be disciplined. Be a disciplined team. We never can put up points and you have to execute you know. The mental errors, the mistakes cost us this game.

Q: You have won three of the last four against them, when you have success against a division opponent I have to imagine that helps going in?

A: I mean it does it help, but I mean it is a new team, new staff around here. New mindset, new game plan so it’s a whole new system. But we know we have been successful against this team, but just got to keep it going, keep winning.

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