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Rex Ryan: 'It can't be worse than that'

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Rex Ryan just held his Monday news conference after Buffalo's 40-32 loss to New England. Here are the running highlights...

On the loss... Obviously watching the tape, there's a saying that it's not as good as you think or as bad as you think. Well, that was as bad as I thought. ... Our team kept believing that we could come back in that thing. There's a million negative things we have to get corrected but I love the fighting spirit of our team and the heart that our team has. It can't be worse than that in all three phases. It was an ugly day. There's no question about it but there's so much to correct. It's still a new team for me as well. I'm recognizing that we've got to have that controlled emotion and aggression. The bigger the game, the more calm you've got to be. We want to be the most physical team in the league but we have to do it within the confinement of the rules. ... The execution of some plays, we've got to get better. Communication, if you make mistakes, they'll burn you. As dark as it -- it feels like a horrendous loss -- it counts as a 1 1/2 games in your division. It should hurt but to put it in perspective, I'm getting coffee today through the drive-thru and somebody picked it up for me. I'm around town and people are saying, 'You'll get them next week.' Our fans, I'm as disappointed for our fans as our football team. They did everything to help us.

On the Pats containing Tyrod Taylor... Could we move the pocket, of course we could. We had some guys open. Sometimes, we have to step up in the pocket a little bit. Unless you correct it, you're going to get it over and over. We're going to get slant-flat until the cows come home until we fix it on defense. If you don't fix it, it'll happen over and over.

On if he was reluctant to leave pocket... Sometimes, you've got to step up in the pocket, too. I'd like to see him step up in the pocket, too. Shoot, they had eight sacks. They were doing something right.

On the Patriots and players talking ... It's not like we were getting any charity from them. They were going to score 100 if they could. As they should ... I'm not going to put a muzzle on our players. If they want to say something, they have all the freedom in the world to do it. it had nothing to do with how we lost the game. There's different ways of chatting and all that stuff. Let's face it: New England isn't exactly Boy Scouts of America, too. So you can say what you want, but the tape doesn't lie either.

On limiting the penalties... I've been in the game a long time. If it takes us doing push-ups, we'll do push-ups.

On Aaron Williams... Aaron was in the building today. Cleared from the hospital. He's stiff and sore right now. We'll see how he progresses. But thank goodness he's OK. ... (Sunday) is probably a stretch but we'll see.

On the penalties... There's a difference between being aggressive and being foolish. The second guy in gets the flag. That's what we have to get smarter at. The blocking in the back is killing us. We've got to learn from it. It happened in preseason games and it carried over. Those are the things we have to understand and get better at. ... If they're close enough to call, we have to get after it.

On Carpenter's missed EP... He feels worse than anybody but he's a pro. He's been there. He's gone through things. We have confidence in him. We just have to keep working at it. I know when the timing's right, he's as good as there is as a kicker.

On Kyle Williams calling this "embarrassing" ... It's the truth. Took a lot of penalties and getting scorched the way we did... that's pretty embarrassing. He's telling you the truth. It was embarrassing but it doesn't mean it's going to be embarrassing the rest of the season.

On pulling Aaron Williams from the game... We just wanted him to relax and catch a breath. He had a couple penalties and sometimes you step away from it and you come back in you've had a chance to cool down a little bit. That was important to give him a little rest. ... We're going to still play physical, and play the way the game should be played. But we've got to eliminate the foolish things. That's what we have to get fixed.

On being known for defense and how much it stings... Absolutely it stings. No question. They went for it a couple times on fourth down. I'm glad they did; it gave us a chance. They outcoached us, outplayed us, everything. I've never given up that many yards in my life. Maybe two games combined. Will it sting, yes. Will I remember it, sure.

On if Taylor's lack of height was a factor in missing receivers... It's not ideal. Obviously, you'd prefer the guy to be 6-5 or whatever. He's got so many other attributes that are so positive. But I think if we can step up a little more in there. And, hey, it probably wasn't the most comfortable thing stepping up into the pocket when you give up eight sacks. So that might've had something to do with it also. It's easy to sit back and say that, we've got to figure out a way to make sure that he can get a clean pocket.



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