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Vic Carucci’s NFL Power Rankings for Sept. 20

1. New England. Tom Brady to the NFL: “Deflate this!”

2. Green Bay. So far, there is life after Jordy Nelson.

3. Seattle. Play-calling blunder streak extends to two games.

4. Denver. Did someone say Peyton Manning was washed up?

5. Buffalo. If these bullies start 2-0, they’ll grab the league’s attention by the throat.

6. Dallas. Will Dez Bryant’s broken foot break this team’s postseason hopes?

7. Baltimore. Being without Terrell Suggs won’t be easy, but it’s doable.

8. Kansas City. Come on, Jamaal. Hang onto the football!

9. Arizona. Cards should make it two in a row vs. Bears.

10. San Diego. Another Frank Reich-orchestrated comeback, this time as an OC.

11. Cincinnati. Seriously, Adam Jones?

12. Miami. Greg Jennings doesn’t think his team’s QB is elite yet.

13. Atlanta. Julio Jones is ready to feast on another NFC East opponent.

14. Pittsburgh. Looks like Steelers’ offense will pretty much have to go it alone.

15. St. Louis. These guys just know how to give the Seahawks fits.

16. Indianapolis. Once again, it looks like Andrew Luck won’t have the help of a running game.

17. Philadelphia. Too many penalties.

18. Carolina. Maybe Panthers should give some thought to throwing to Greg Olsen.

19. New Orleans. Young Saints get lost in the red zone.

20. N.Y. Giants. Eli Manning should have known better than to throw his team into harm’s way.

21. N.Y. Jets. That wasn’t a real test. It was Browns.

22. Tennessee. Nice way to begin a career, Marcus Mariota.

23. San Francisco. Maybe these guys aren’t quite as bad as many of us assumed.

24. Houston. It’s one and done for Brian Hoyer.

25. Minnesota. The Vikings can’t really be that bad, can they?

26. Jacksonville. Same old Jaguars.

27. Detroit. Ameer Abdullah is a silver lining.

28. Washington. Yet another injury does in DeSean Jackson.

29. Chicago. New coach, but familiar result.

30. Oakland. New coach, but familiar result.

31. Tampa Bay. Jameis Winston has a lot to learn, but also needs a lot more help.

32. Cleveland. Another disaster in the making.