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Letter: Liberal policies cause blood pressure to soar

Liberal policies cause blood pressure to soar

On the front page of The News I read the article about how our blood pressure should be lower than presently suggested.

Could that high blood pressure have anything to do with our country being literally given away by liberals just so they can acquire some more votes?

My blood pressure goes up when I still see Obama bumper stickers on cars with smiling drivers; have they any clue whatever what is happening to our country?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo now wants to bring hundreds of people into Erie County who clearly have no affection for our country. He sees no problem with demanding more and more gun control for the honest and forthright citizens while bringing serious threats into our communities by the hundreds. Yet he sees no problem with killing unborn babies.

Nothing seems to make sense anymore. We don’t need another high blood pressure pill with a litany of side effects, we need some common-sense politicians to come in and clean house.

Ron Wilson

East Amherst