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Letter: Why don’t Muslim countries take in desperate refugees?

Why don’t Muslim countries take in desperate refugees?

Why aren’t Muslim countries taking in all of the Muslim refugees?

President Obama has turned Syria, Libya and Iraq, just to name a few, into disaster zones. The Arab Spring, which Obama and liberals cheered on, has been a huge failure. Over 300,000 Syrian Muslims have died while Obama was making false threats to Syria about red lines and game-changers. Now there’s up to a half million Muslim refugees fleeing these countries.

Why doesn’t Allah help them? Why don’t Muslim countries take in these suffering Muslim refugees? I feel bad for all of them, but letting them come to the West, to countries to which many have pledged their hatred, is a big mistake. German taxpayers will be paying huge amounts of money to shelter, feed and educate the thousands of Muslims who will go there. Of course, Obama wants to bring 10,000 Muslims to America – a country that many Muslims call the “Great Satan.”

I’ll make a prediction that this won’t turn out well for any country that takes in tens of thousands of uneducated, poor Muslims. One day they will turn against the countries that helped them. Hungary has the right idea by building a fence and not letting them stay or even cross over into the country.

James Ziolkowski