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Letter: It shouldn’t be so hard to get Internet service

It shouldn’t be so hard to get Internet service

On June 8, I was told by Time Warner Cable that I could receive “business class” Internet at my Cheektowaga office and that it could be installed within “a couple of days.” I’m writing this letter three months to the day later, still with no Internet service. While I’ll spare all of the truly sublime details of the last three months, it has reached a new low when today I was informed that the costs to provide Internet to my office would exceed $8,000 and thus the order had been canceled without my knowledge. I was told to reach out to my sales representative to get the order moving again.

I find it astounding that in 2015, the only other bandwidth solutions at my location (which is hardly located in an underserved rural area) are low-grade DSL, which fails several times per week, or wireless LTE at a ridiculously high per-gigabyte charge. Our elected leaders on state and federal levels would serve their constituents well by considering these types of horror stories when telecom and cable behemoths plot their next merger or monopolization of a market. I know very well that plenty of others share my frustration.

Andy Hakes

East Aurora