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Letter: Many at Chautauqua welcome a new Amp

Many at Chautauqua welcome a new Amp

I have been very surprised at the one-sided view The News editorial board has given the Chautauqua Amphitheater issue this summer. I am totally for the replacement of the Amp.

For nine weeks, I spend much of every day in the Amp attending the church service, the daily lecture and the concerts. I am so relieved that a safer and more comfortable Amp will be built. The new Amp is very similar in general appearance to the old, but will be up to current safety standards. The “heart and soul” of Chautauqua is not the form of the Amp, but what happens there.

My husband and I moved to Western New York 10 years ago specifically because we found Chautauqua’s programs so life-giving. To us it’s like manna from heaven.

A very small group of folks seem to find it necessary to send emails and letters to besmirch the good names and actions of the president and board of Chautauqua. These attacks are much more harmful to the “heart and soul” of Chautauqua than a new Amp would ever be. Most of the people we know at Chautauqua are also happy and relieved for a new Amp. We praise the board and President Thomas Becker for their courage in keeping Chautauqua strong and wonderful despite the nastiness of a very small group of people.

Catherine G. Rathmell, Ph.D.