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Letter: Kentucky clerk’s hypocrisy on marriage is astounding

Kentucky clerk’s hypocrisy on marriage is astounding

We’ve certainly been entertained by some rather interesting “Christians” over the past several years. Gentleman Jim Bakker, Jumping Jerry Falwell and Jive-talking Jimmy Swaggart, to name a few.

But I think it’s safe to say the Bluegrass State’s most devout county clerk, Kim Davis, is one disciple to beat the band, even when that band is playing, “When the Saints Come Marching In.” I guess she wants to preserve the sanctity of marriage so she can use it two or three more times herself. She has quite a track record, having been hitched four times, highlighted by a pregnancy (twins), sired by future hubby No. 3, while still married to Old Man No. 1. Talk about foreshadowing! I guess Davis is considered the Liz Taylor of the Apostolic branch of the faith.

God bless her, for saving us from those wretched gay people who would transform the blessed sacrament of matrimony into some sort of sordid Saturday night peephole show. Amazing Grace, I mean, amazing race, these humans.

Joe Sullivan