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Letter: Some Israeli officials support deal with Iran

Some Israeli officials support deal with Iran

We all know Sen. Charles Schumer’s position on the Iran deal. It is also worthwhile to know the position of over 100 politicians, generals, scientists, energy specialists and members of the intelligence community in Israel, who signed their name to a document that was placed in the New York Times. (“What does Israel’s defense and intelligence establishment really think about the Iran deal?”) This was dated Sept. 3. It states that the agreement should be accepted by the government of Israel and should move forward.

They believe this agreement is the best possible way to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Evidently Schumer does not. He denies that his reason for the vote against it is his connections to the prime minister of Israel and the nation of Israel. He denies that his allegiance is to Israel, with the United States as a second thought. What baloney. We all know where he stands.

Several readers have written in his defense with the same weak positions that Schumer has presented. That has also been baloney. As former New York Gov. Alfred E. Smith said, “No matter how thin you slice it, it is still baloney.”

Michael Giallombardo