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Letter: People support Trump because they’re fed up

People support Trump because they’re fed up

Donald Trump’s popularity can be traced to the discontent of the average American who has reached the boiling point.

America is in decline because of a disengaged president. We can’t seem to win wars, and people are afraid of losing their jobs or unable to find work. The government outspends its income.

Government has become dysfunctional because it has exceeded its constitutional boundaries. Our liberties are being attacked. Propaganda is rampant in our educational system. Economic policies have devastated the workforce, hitting minorities hardest. Inner-city schools are a mess.

Border security is nearly nonexistent. The campaign against law enforcement has turned our cities into war zones. Entitlement reform is bankrupting America. Our president has gutted the military. Obamacare is out of control.

Is it no wonder that the silent majority is finally at the breaking point? People are rising in support of an individual they feel will lead us to a dramatic reversal of the fundamental transformation caused by the Obama administration.

John Orlowski