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Letter: Opponents of Iran deal ignore two critical facts

Opponents of Iran deal ignore two critical facts

With all the voices raised for and against our nuclear treaty with Iran, two points seem to come forth again and again. One goes like this: We should seek a better agreement by applying new, tougher sanctions on Iran. This ignores a basic point – our sanction partners are not there anymore. They made one treaty and for them it’s all over. England has opened an embassy in Iran and Russia and China have both signaled their eagerness to resume trade.

A second point says the following: Yes, the agreement stops Iran from building a nuclear weapon for 15 years, but after that it will just start its program over again. Well, 15 years is a long time in a nation’s history. Look where we were 15 years ago: The Bush administration was just getting underway; 9 and 11 were just numbers; and Iraq and Afghanistan were faraway, little-known countries.

And 15 years from now, another issue works in our favor. Iran had a recent election with five candidates running for president. Only one of them, Hassan Rouhani, favored negotiations with the West. He won with more than 50 percent of the votes. Those millions of people who voted for him can be Iran’s future, a more peaceful engaged nation. Working together toward this goal should be worth our best effort.

Carl Jacobs