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Letter: Officials make mockery of democratic process

Officials make mockery of democratic process

When you make backroom deals that will endure for 14 years, such as turning open elections into de facto appointments to the bench, you run the risk of getting it very wrong. If you remember recent history, you’ll recall a cross-endorsed Supreme Court justice whose tenure did not turn out well. Coincidentally, it was Frank A. Sedita III who chose not to prosecute him for a false attestation.

When there is no campaign – when the public is deprived of the opportunity to vet the candidates and make a choice – you may end up with a Supreme Court justice who is “forced to resign from his public office because of his misconduct” and subsequently “suspended [from the practice of law] for a period of six months.”

Give the voters a chance to educate themselves, and a variety of candidates from which to choose. If then they get it wrong, at least it is a consequence of our democracy at work, not a consequence of thwarting the democratic process.

Bob Anderson