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Letter: Stop trying to preserve every dilapidated building

Stop trying to preserve every dilapidated building

This is in reply to a letter that recently appeared in this column regarding development in the Elmwood Village.

We all know the tremendous strides Buffalo has recently made, all fueled by far-thinking groups and individuals. But no matter how great the strides, we are still saddled with this group of nay-saying obstructionists.

Buffalo’s treasure trove of architecture is well-known, but merely because something is old doesn’t make it valuable.

Cases in point: Who would rather see much-needed living space at Elmwood and West Delavan rather than an old, dilapidated gas station? It’s so picturesque!

Or how about a pleasingly designed motel/retail complex on Elmwood to serve the needs of visitors and residents to SUNY Buffalo State and the Museum District? Oh wait, we would have to tear down a group of dilapidated shacks. We can’t do that. They’re so picturesque!

It’s so sad that anybody who tries to bring Buffalo into the present must deal with this type of nonsense.

Jack Pellegrino