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Letter: Liberal policies are destroying country

Liberal policies are destroying country

It did not take long after the awful tragic shooting death of a TV reporter and her cameraman for two consummate liberals to come out and scream for more gun control. Hillary Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo appeared with similar statements blaming guns as the culprit.

For the last 50 years, Democrats have been marching to the progressive drumbeat. In a nation that was founded on Judeo-Christian values, God has been banished from all pubic places and schools. History books have been rewritten to promote their agenda. The slaughter of the unborn and extreme social changes have turned this country upside down.

Our constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion is under attack by political correctness and so-called hate crimes have created a protected class. The mantra of the ’60s was: “If it feels good, do it,” and now we are reaping what we have sown.

Over the years, liberal progressive polices have started an out-of-control social wildfire and their solution is to ban matches.

Long ago this nation turned its back on its founding values, and it is now paying the price.

Paul Weslow