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City Hallways (Sept. 3) Raise a flag

Calendar items
Puerto Rican and Hispanic flag raising ceremony in Niagara Square  today as kick-off to the  Sept. 12 Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day parade.
Brown and WNY Peace Coalition this afternoon on steps of City Hall to encourage residents to attend Labor Day Walk for Peace  & Non-violence Festival at MLK park Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Preservation board meets this afternoon.

Kids are back to school. That was a quick summer

Building & Preserving
I ran into Tim Sick in City Hall yesterday. He still wants city approval to build a handicapped micro house on an undersized Linwood Avenue lot.   But his efforts are now focused on convincing Council members to see things his way rather than the Preservation Board's. (No wonder he abruptly ended our conversation when he saw a council member to lobby. lol) . More to come on that in coming weeks. Meanwhile,  the preservation board agenda mentions  a few properties being considered for state and national Registers of Historic places:

  • Sinclair, Rooney & Co., building, 465 Washington St.
  • Parkside Candy Shop, 4308 Main St.
  • Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., 545 Swan St.
  • University Presbyterian Church, 330 Main St.

Yvette Suarez, the candidate knocked off the ballot but staging a write-in campaign for the Masten District seat, added her name to those interested in filling out Demone Smith's term for the rest of this year. From her cover letter and resume: Customer services rep for Small Business Administration, Masters Degree Urban and Regional Planning form UB;  block club president. Council isn't expect to fill the temporary Masten slot til Sept. 11,  the day after the Democratic primary, when Democratic voters make their choice for the next four years. So expect the temporary appointment to go to whoever wins the Dem primary.

Money matters
I've started looking at political campaign money. Looks like the Delaware District's  Mike LoCurto had almost $13,000 in his campaign fund when he left city government to take a job in Erie County government. Demone Smith, the former Masten Councilman, had about $1,400.

Countdown:  Seven more days until the Sept. 10 primary

P.S. Back entrance to City Hall is reopened.

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