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Letter: Zyglis was way off base with pollution cartoon

Zyglis was way off base with pollution cartoon

The self-righteous Adam Zyglis editorial cartoon depicting “pollution” as victim No. 80 behind the 79 laid-off Huntley workers might be perceived as a bit of hyperbole.

Surely Zyglis’ home has never been illuminated by electricity. He wouldn’t even consider owning an automobile with a gasoline combustion engine lubricated with oil. A backyard propane grill, riding mower or an AC unit has to be off limits. Being unable to watch a Bills game on a big-screen electric TV must hurt. And he shouldn’t be fashioning cartoons from a PC that needs to be plugged in either.

I could have easily made a list of 79 clean air “thou shall not dos” and then let Zyglis fill in No. 80.

Paul N. Di Palma