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Letter: Don’t criticize Trump when Ramos is to blame

Don’t criticize Trump when Ramos is to blame

Well, it didn’t take the media long to blame Donald Trump for the treatment that Jorge Ramos received at the Iowa meeting the other evening. They were quick to blame Trump for having Ramos removed from the meeting, even though he was speaking out of order and was asked to sit down and wait his turn. And even after Trump had asked for him to return and given him two different times to ask questions, the media still chastised Trump.

But was Ramos there as a reporter or was he there as an agitator only trying to make Trump look bad? Ramos revealed in June that his daughter is employed by Hillary Clinton on her presidential campaign. Sounds strange to me that Ramos would state that he was only trying to get an answer to his question. It looks to me like Ramos can in no way be neutral as a reporter in trying to get a story. Another left-wing tactic at trying to manipulate the American public into believing things that are not true.

Betty Milone