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Letter: Development should respect Times Beach Nature Preserve

Development should respect Times Beach Nature Preserve

With another Outer Harbor development plan on the drawing board, I can’t help but ask if adequate public space will be created while still managing to protect Times Beach Nature Preserve, its wildlife and wealth of migrating birds. I believe there is a way.

The preserve is a long-established asset on Buffalo’s waterfront, adding physical diversity, intrigue and natural beauty by the water. There are also lessons to be learned, inspiring at any age. New neighbors to Times Beach need to be good, considerate neighbors in a manner that doesn’t compromise it. Waterfronts, in general, are high-profile properties and Buffalo will be judged by its actions here.

Again there is talk about establishing housing at the Outer Harbor. Apparently, large structural clusters nearby can adversely affect the preserve. Then there is the weather factor. How will the quality of life be rated, living so close to the lake at that location where storms can fiercely push ashore and icy and damp temperatures cut through your clothes?

Humans typically have a spiritual connection to where land meets water, and Buffalo’s shoreline is no exception. In fair weather, it’s a gift for us all. It’s about “we” not “I.” When the new plans unfold, I hope the public’s welcome mat is of a generous size and Times Beach is respected, protected and given the lofty status it deserves.

Judy Catalano