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Birdair to cover new Atlanta stadium

Atlanta’s new stadium for the Falcons will feature a retractable roof provided by Amherst-based Birdair.

The stadium, set to open in 2017, will have a roof consisting of three-layered roof “pillows” on eight petals that Birdair said will retract like a camera lens. Birdair did not disclose the dollar value of the project.

The roof will be made of a lightweight, transparent fabric that will allow daylight to flow in while also providing cover, the company said. The same material will also be used on the stadium’s facade, supported by a cable net system.

“The roof will create an outdoor feel, allowing in natural sunlight when the weather is pleasant and will protect players and fans during inclement weather,” Birdair said in a statement.

Along with the Falcons football team, the new stadium will host games by Atlanta’s new professional soccer team as well as concerts, conventions, and other sports and entertainment events.

Birdair has designed and installed roofing systems on stadiums around the world. Its parent company is Taiyo Kogyo Group, which is based in Japan.