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Letter: Supporters of old mascot should end fight, move on

Supporters of old mascot should end fight, move on

I continue to be perplexed by and deeply disappointed in the group of Lancaster citizens who fight against the new mascot. In the face of discomfort by Native Americans over the longtime Redskins mascot, the process of choosing a new mascot was carried out in a democratic and thoughtfully considered manner.

This is my second letter on the subject. Several month ago, I wrote saying I thought the Lancaster citizens would be proud of themselves for adopting a name comfortable for everyone. I cannot imagine how some can carry their heads high when a designation is hurtful to many in the community.

Though not a Lancaster resident, I have followed the discussions closely and thought the process inclusive and timely. The new name, Lancaster Legends, has a lovely ring to it and would seem to make everyone proud. Parenthetically, the new name is in line with the name change from Squaw Island to Unity Island.

My hope is that the group creating turmoil in Lancaster will come to appreciate the appropriateness of the name change. Surely the Lancaster Legends will flourish and make everyone proud in Lancaster.

Marcie Frankel