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July 7, 1985: New Sabres Coach Schoenfeld maps future of club

Thirty years ago this week, there was hope among Buffalo’s hockey faithful, even for often-skeptical Hall of Fame hockey writer Jim Kelley.

Jim Schoenfeld had returned to the Sabres, not as a defenseman or captain, but as coach. His plan was to take the Sabres to new heights by getting rid of the overly defensive system that had, in his opinion and the opinions of many others, held the Sabres back.

But only 43 games into his first season as head coach, Schoeny was fired and replaced by General Manager Scotty Bowman, who was making his third and final appearance as the Sabres head coach.

06 july 1985 schoeny maps plan for sabres

06 july 1985 schoeny 2

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