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Q: Where have I seen Lily Rabe of “The Whispers” before? – Erin Scott, via email

A: Probably in one or more of the variations of FX’s “American Horror Story,” though she also has appeared on such shows as “The Good Wife,” “Nip/Tuck” and virtually all the series in the “Law & Order” franchise. The daughter of playwright David Rabe and the late actress Jill Clayburgh, she also has done much stage work and has appeared in movies including “Mona Lisa Smile,” “No Reservations,” “What Just Happened” and “All Good Things.”


Q: Where is “Wipeout” this summer? – Tom Alexander, Batavia

A: Though its fans became very used to seeing the comical ABC competition series at this time of year, many of its producers shifted over to another show that incorporates some of the same elements while taking things a bit more seriously.

It’s “Bullseye,” Fox’s Wednesday show that has “Twilight” co-star Kellan Lutz – who’s quite the extreme-sports enthusiast – and comedian Godfrey as the hosts. Lutz told us he spent some time on the “Wipeout” set while that program still was in production, and if you look closely (and not even that closely, in some instances), you’ll see similarities between the two series.

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