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Letter: States must uphold the law of the land

States must uphold the law of the land

The legalistic foundation of South Carolina’s treason in the mid 19th century that led to the Civil War was “nullification” – the belief that states had the right to repeal federal laws because states’ rights superseded those of the central government.

Nullification has reared its traitorous head again. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is now urging officials in local jurisdictions to nullify the right of Texans to equal protection and due process with regard to the issuance of marriage licenses based upon personal beliefs of the officials. It has long been held that government officials have no power to impose their personal beliefs upon others in the exercise of their duties as officials. Paxton is, in effect, attempting to establish a church, violating the very constitutional clause (the First Amendment) that he claims to be upholding.

It is a supreme historical irony that the Republican Party, which led the way to saving the government of, by and for the people, now attempts to lead the way toward its destruction. If people cannot in good conscience exercise the duties and responsibilities of the offices they hold, then they must resign rather than violate their oaths.

John Marvin