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Letter: Let’s agree to disagree but love our neighbors

Let’s agree to disagree but love our neighbors

The accusation that the position we hold pertaining to a particular matter solely dictates the way we treat one another is the biggest problem I have with moral disputes. I feel the need to challenge the notion that, because I embrace a view different from my neighbor’s, I would ever persecute, criticize or discriminate against him. This notion is not only an unfair judgment of my character, but also a fundamental misunderstanding of what I believe, as a Catholic, above all: Love everyone.

So, although I am not compelled to revise what I hold true due to pressure from a shifting culture, I simultaneously maintain a steadfast unwillingness to withhold kindness, hospitality or acknowledgment of inherent dignity from anyone based on his lifestyle or convictions. I recognize that people most unlike myself provide the best opportunity to exercise the core principles of my faith, and I strive to understand and embrace the blessing of our disagreements.

Because the reality is, #lovewins not when it is sanctioned or legislated, but only when it defies prejudice impulse, overcomes discomfort in the unfamiliar and bridges the chasms between opposing ideologies as an act of free will. I pray that the discrepancies of singular virtues will never divide us if we are empowered by the unwavering truth of the greatest one, the unconditional one, love.

Todd Piotrowski

West Seneca