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Some "Extra" reasons to enjoy old movies and sitcoms and LAFF

TV leftovers after the Memorial Day weekend:

I tend to see things that I’ve missed on TV during a long weekend.

Top of the list this past weekend was Channel 2’s "Sunday Sports Extra."

I don’t see it much during the National Football League season because it starts so late after NBC’s "Sunday Night Football" ends and then I tend to forget it is even on in the spring.

I caught up with it Sunday for the first time in awhile and was impressed by the ability of host and weekend sports anchor Jonah Javad to keep the conversation going.

As I’ve written before, Javad has noticeably grown up on the air and doesn’t seem as determined to show how clever he is by using obscure references.

His two guests Sunday were Kevin Sylvester, who hosts the WGR morning program on the Sabres, and Sal Capaccio, a WGR host who now also is the Bills beat reporter.

Sylvester is so smooth on TV you wonder why the Sabres took him off MSG and sent him back to radio. Capaccio is a lively, opinionated host and those are assets for any TV sports talk program.

I enjoyed listening to them as much or more than Ruben Brown and Andrew Peters, the former Bill and former Sabre who have done their share of "Sports Extra" work when Channel 2 sports director Adam Benigni is the host of the program during the Bills season.

There also was one noticeable change in the lineup that I was unaware of until Sunday.

Cross out Lydia Dominick, who was eye candy for the old show in a role that looked totally unnecessary.

Insert Heather Prusak, Channel 2’s young sportscaster who has impressed enough doing high school features to land a full-time job. She knows her stuff and does a good job setting up and introducing subjects to be discussed.

It is a good trade. Dominick continues to tell viewers nightly what is on NBC’s prime time lineup and is a fill-in host for the Saturday morning program, “WNY Living.”

Over the weekend, I also tuned in to Channel 7’s new sub-channel 7.2 – which is on cable -- to catch several things on the LAFF network. I was impressed.

If you tune on the station, there is a 50-50 chance that you’ll run into a rerun of the Michael J. Fox series “Spin City” or a promo for it. You also can run into episodes of the situation comedy “Ellen” starring Ellen DeGeneres that reminded me that Jeremy Piven was a co-star before he became better known in HBO’s “Entourage.” The old comedy "Grace Under Fire" also is in the lineup.

Best of all, LAFF carries movies. I ran into a bizarre and interesting movie about a screenwriter starring Nicolas Cage and Meryl Streep but didn’t catch the film’s name. I wish the station would give the title more often. After a little Google research I discovered the 2002 film was called “Adaptation” and was directed by Spike Jonze.

I felt like I was back in my childhood, when watching old movies on a weekday or weekend afternoon on a local station was routine.

I also spent time Monday watching more of the “Today” show than I have been lately and wasn’t impressed by how old some of the news it presents is and how gossipy and light the program has become.

In one segment, there was the discussion of George Clooney’s latest plan to prank his good friend Matt Damon. I had read about it online three or four days earlier.

So I quickly turned to another network morning program and discovered it, too, was talking about the planned prank and had a clip of Clooney joking about it in a talk show appearance in Britain.

You know I am a big Clooney fan. But this old silly news made me realize that I don’t really miss much when I don’t watch network morning programs. If they get too silly, my plan in the future is to immediately head to the LAFF channel.



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