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Letter: It’s ridiculous to refer to trapping as a ‘sport’

It’s ridiculous to refer to trapping as a ‘sport’

That a recent pro-trapping letter writer referred to trapping as a “sport” reveals a lot. I’ve read in trappers’ publications that they can’t wait to trap, how they love to trap and what fun it is. This is something that people who understand that wild animals can suffer find unfathomable.

One wonders how a person can look forward to checking his traps and finding another living being looking helplessly up at him. When you see various trappers’ YouTube offerings, it is obvious by the well-worn earth that the animal has spent hours struggling to get free.

Trappers’ own statements have revealed how they’ve used a noose on a pole to strangle a victim. Some seem to favor “bopping” the animal on the nose and then stomping on its chest with their foot. When a trap is set for a beaver, often a “drowner set” is used. This can be a leg-hold trap that has a cable and weight connected to it. The trap slams tight on the beaver. The animal’s struggle to get to the surface of the water is futile because it is held underwater by the weighted cable. It takes many minutes for a beaver to drown. That doesn’t sound very sporting to me.

There’s informative footage provided by the local anti-trapping billboard’s

The padded “leg-hold” traps mentioned by the writer simply have a thin piece of rubber on the jaws. Not much to celebrate there.

His comparison of fur coats to coats made of synthetic materials is a waste of time. Synthetic materials are used for so much in our world. Besides, I don’t see many sportsmen wearing fur coats around town. Fur coats are expensive and need special care. We need to address much more than coats when discussing the landfill issue.

Joan Jimerson