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Letter: Skelos case highlights the need for term limits

Skelos case highlights the need for term limits

All right, enough is enough. Now Sen. Dean Skelos has been indicted. It’s clearly time for term limits in New York; nothing else has worked. Our elected officials clearly won’t police themselves.

I’m sure there will be heavy resistance from all of the politicos in Albany, but it’s time they started listening to the electorate. Their election was not meant to be a lucrative and, dare we say, corrupt career to self-enrichment.

I’m sure we’ll hear how disruptive term limits would be, and that we’ll lose all of their experience. Last I knew, defending yourself in court was disruptive. Not only that, but their attorneys are paid by taxpayers. It certainly seems a different kind of experience is needed.

It is also argued that with term limits, we won’t get the best and the brightest. I’m a little skeptical that is happening now.

Gary Chamberlain