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Letter: Raising minimum wage drives businesses away

Raising minimum wage drives businesses away

I don’t know why it’s necessary to keep pushing up minimum wages year after year. All we’re doing is running the businesses that are left in this state out. I’ve heard the arguments before about having to support a family. I get this; this is why I’d rather the government subsidize some kind of tax credit for bringing manufacturing jobs back here – the kind that paid these kinds of wages not so very long ago.

As it is with many of these retailers that pay their people minimum wage, you don’t get a lot of value for your buck. Self-serve soda, self-serve checkouts and just the general way you’re treated when you go into these stores. In many of them, you have to be the expert on the merchandise they sell. I love it when I go through a checkout line and the cashier’s focus is on another employee. I often don’t get thanked for spending my money there.

Great pay should be a reward for outstanding service. If these people truly need a better paying job to support themselves, then get an education. There are decent jobs out there – in the energy industry, on the docks of our ports, etc. We all need to live within our means,

Russell J. Fowler