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It seems to us: Bill’s big bills, WNY’s weak-kneed GOP senators and dust, what dust?

Most of us know how hard it is to make the proverbial dollar out of 15 cents. But former President Bill Clinton has put a new spin on the financial struggle facing most hardworking Americans. His analysis came as he was defending what he calls political attacks on his family foundation.

The Clinton Foundation has been at the heart of the latest firestorm involving the former president and his wife, former secretary of state and current Democratic candidate for president.

In speaking with NBC News while in Nairobi on a Clinton Foundation trip, Bill Clinton said the organization has never done anything “knowingly inappropriate” in accepting foreign donations.

Both Clintons have been criticized for charging top dollar for giving speeches. The former president has commanded fees as high as $500,000, but he says there’s a perfectly good (to him) explanation as to why he will not stop: “I gotta pay our bills.”

The Washington Post estimates he’s raked in more than $100 million in speaking fees since leaving office, so those must be some pretty hefty bills.

Here’s a question for State Sens. Michael Ranzenhofer, Patrick Gallivan and especially Catharine Young, all Western New York Republicans: Did you not read the transcripts of the wiretapped conversations between your discredited leader, Dean Skelos, and his son Adam?

None of these senators has had the courage or even the good sense to demand that Skelos step down, and Young went so far as to sign a creepy loyalty oath to the man who warned his son to be careful about what they said to each other over the phone: “Right now, we are in dangerous times, Adam,” he is quoted as saying just after the arrest of former Speaker Sheldon Silver. He also commiserates with his son over his frustration at not being able to speak frankly because U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara might be listening.

As a court matter, Skelos is entitled to the same presumption of innocence, but these comments now define the State Senate and the members who don’t speak out for honorable leadership. Silence won’t do and loyalty oaths are pathetic. The only local Republican senator doing his duty is freshman Rob Ortt of North Tonawanda. The others should take a lesson.

A new study says that men don’t do as much housework as women, regardless of their domestic arrangements. Married or single, with or without children, men do less. It’s not that men simply think this is women’s work, the study says, but fundamentally, that they don’t see dirt.

And that’s a problem? (Full disclosure: The foregoing was written by a man. He’s pretty sure he owns a mop.)