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Letter: New York should suspend pols charged with crimes

New York should suspend pols charged with crimes

Reading about the arrest of Dean Skelos and his son, Adam, on federal charges of extortion, fraud and bribery has my curiosity piqued. Why do we differentiate political criminals from street criminals who have been arrested for committing the same crimes?

I’m reminded of Sheldon Silver who, after his arrest, was not suspended but allowed to return to the Assembly chambers to take part in the vote for his replacement as speaker. By comparison, what arrested street criminal would be allowed into City Hall for a project discussion with a high-ranking city official?

I understand and approve of “innocent until proven guilty” but why on earth are they allowed to re-enter state government chambers to continue doing business? A police officer accused of breaking the law gets suspended. What’s so different about New York State officials? Crime and accused criminals should all be treated in a similar fashion. Why aren’t they?

Joseph Coia

West Seneca