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Letter: Weimer is terrific choice for school superintendent

Weimer is terrific choice for school superintendent

Jim Weimer is a humble and confident person. He is not one to take credit for the success of Emerson High School; instead he points to his staff. He is a quiet leader who can effectively manage people. He delegates responsibilities and does not micromanage, although he demands accountability from his staff. He is forward-thinking, always looking to grow and change, especially with the needs of students.

He is passionate about education and has a particular spot for special education students, recognizing they play a pivotal role in education. His program provides skill sets for those students to work in the community.

On a personal level, Weimer is brilliant, an excellent reader of people and can see the big picture. He can disagree with you and articulate his opinion and reasoning for same without insult or making it personal. He is respected.

John C. McKendry

Lake View