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The buck stops here: Deer crashes in for morning wake-up

A deer woke a sleeping woman and sent her Rottweiler hiding under the bed when it crashed in through a window, slid across a table and landed by a couch in a Strykersville home Monday morning.

The homeowner called police at 8 a.m. after failing, to shoo away the young buck, said Wyoming County Sheriff Deputy Matthew Sage, who responded to the call.

“I’ve never seen anything like it my life,” said Sage. “He was basically standing right in the living room and looked right at me.”

The doors to the house were locked and Sage, who was outside the house, was puzzled as to how to get the deer out. As the woman called out directions about where to find a key, the buck came up with his own solution: it jumped back out through another window.

“He landed in the lawn ... Got his balance. Just trotted off across Main Street and into a field of woods,” Sage said. The interloper left behind scattered papers, toppled chairs and a little blood on a wall, but ran off with such swift ease, he seemed uninjured.

Deer are in heat now, said Sage, who is a hunter. Perhaps the buck with short, spiked horns, which seemed to be about a year and a half old, was confused after seeing his reflection in the window.

“Maybe he thought it was another buck and jumped after it,” he said. “This time of year we do deal with a quite a few deer complaints.”


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