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Indigo Art showcases work by Koenig, Kegler

Felice Koenig builds her paintings up dot by dot, dab by dab, amassing little multicolored mounts of paint that look like thousands of reptilian eyes gazing out at you from the canvas.

It’s a meditative process for her, during which she reflects on the ideas that pulse through her work – ideas about death and regeneration, of the ecologies of tide pools or the growth of human skin. Her paintings, which have become more three-dimensional than ever in a new collaborative show with the gifted sculptor Kevin Kegler in Indigo Art’s handsome new space on Allen Street, are a record of those thoughts and processes. And like the similarly meditative work of local artists such as Katie Sehr and Maude White, they are endlessly engrossing, especially in their new forms.

Among the shapes Koenig’s paint bubbles have taken on are concave bowls, an enlargement and inversion of the bubble form itself. You get the sense that the entire object was built entirely out of paint, that no premolded form exists, and that Koenig simply began painting in the air and expanded from there. The discipline of her work is impressive – imagining the concentration it would take to produce an inch of one of her pieces is enough to drive you mad – but the processes she’s reflecting on are just as intriguing.

Kegler’s work is equally alluring. His sculptures – bulbous wooden forms with small wheels attached to the tops, long rods of metal supporting rounded wood pieces mounted like parentheses – seem designed to follow some other planet’s rules of gravity. It’s difficult to discern the possibile uses of the structures, which seemed to me a mixture of Robert Gober’s disconcerting pieces and Dr. Seuss’ whimsical contraptions. By their very improbability, they suggest other worlds, other duties, other beings capable of operating them, other ways of getting along.


What: “Want Everything: Felice Koenig and Kevin Kegler”

When: Through Oct. 4

Where: Indigo Art, 47 Allen St.



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