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Crazy cocktails, cool cats and Greater Buffalo’s most fattening food

A good pour

Bourbon and Butter, Mike Andrzejewski’s new restaurant at the Hotel @ the Lafayette, sports a beautiful art deco bar. So … let’s belly up! We saw the Ghost, made with spiced tequila. Other drinks are Daddy Issues; Death and Taxes; Berries & S%*@ – that’s exactly how it is spelled on the menu – with cachaca, minted curacao and, ahem, blue juice. Also, the Dead Ramones; the Part-Time Lover; and, simply and eloquently, the Untempered. Buzz, after long reflection, chose the 100th Problem. No one could explain to us how it got its name, but it had gin, cucumber, vanilla, eucalyptus, charred lemon sour and absinthe. Though it tasted weird at first, it got better with every sip. Must be the absinthe. It makes the heart grow fonder.

Pot luck

Other things Buzz liked on the Bourbon and Butter menu: Crispy Pig’s Ear (you can’t make a silk purse out of it, but you can make a yummy dish) and Bourbon Butter. And yet in Buffalo’s competitive Most Fattening Food Olympics, Chef Mike A. must settle for the silver medal. The gold goes to Schlachtfest, a German-American picnic last weekend in Marilla, where could be had a German delicacy affectionately known as Fat Soup. It is the glossy, grease-laden broth in which the sausages are cooked. Buffalonians embrace it across ethnic lines. One Irishman we know especially sang its praises. His wife confided, “He had three helpings.”

Taking the heat

The best thing about late summer is that heat waves are fun. Last week, Buzz didn’t even mind being awake in the sultry, humid night because face it, the shadows are lengthening, Halloween stuff is already in the stores and before we know it, we’ll be kept awake by the howling winds. There is a growing yearning to make hay while the sun shines. A priest friend on Facebook used the high temperatures to his advantage. “It’s supposed to be a hot one today,” he wrote the other day. “Come in out of the sun to spend time with the SON!” A witty friend responded: “Beat the heat in this life and the next.”


Buzz gave Howard, the guy we married, an orange tomcat for his birthday. Our quest for the animal took us to the SPCA, where we studied two rooms of cats. Alas, we didn’t see Lance Diamond, a cat we had seen up for adoption online. He must have been a sparkly animal, and someone must have grabbed him. But all the cats seemed to have names that made us think they had belonged to college students. A cute tabby was Windy. We got a meow out of a massive black and white cat named Stretch. And we liked a gray, brooding cat named Casablanca. By chance we ended up getting our cat elsewhere. But you don’t forget that SCPA. All we can picture is the cats there waking up to sing “Tomorrow” from “Annie.” Oh, dear. At this rate we’ll wind up with 10 of them.

The buzz

Drug name we love: the NyQuil allergy spinoff, QlearQuil. Ha, ha! How much Quabernet, Quoors or Qrupnik did they have to drink to think that one up?


The name is Frida Katlo … like Frida Kahlo the great artist. She was known for her beautiful and unique work … I’m a beautiful and unique cat!

– Frida Katlo, 1-year-old tabby, on SPCA online cat page

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