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Eat local, fresh, organic

Julie Leatherbarrow is particular about what she eats, but it doesn’t stop there. You won’t see her daughters, Mica, 5 and Iris, 3, stuffing themselves with candy or standing in line at any fast-food chains. Ever.

“My husband and I are very particular about how we feed our kids. We have to be an example for that,” said Leatherbarrow, 42, of Elma, owner of Budding Tree Yoga for Kids. She also is lead organizer of the Budding Tree Yoga Festival – which will feature yoga sessions and information for all ages and skill levels – from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sept. 14 at Canalside. For more info, visit

What is your philosophy of eating?

Eat local, eat fresh, eat organic. Prepare as much of it as you can. The less packaging, the better for you.

My kids get plenty of sweet treats, but it’s organic and it’s natural. Even the Ruby Rockets frozen fruit pops they have are literally fruit pops. The company throws some vegetables in there, too, and even some probiotics. They’re right at Wegmans. You can have foods that are healthy and tasty.

Can you give me some other examples?

For breakfast, they have wildberry Nature’s Path organic waffles. It’s frozen, but it’s an organic waffle and the girls love them.

Is there a healthy treat that you enjoy?

Dark chocolate. I have read, and I kind of believe, that it’s good to have a little bit of dark chocolate every day. It helps adjust your metabolism levels. I don’t want to deny myself the yummy goodness that the universe has to offer. It keeps away other cravings, too. You don’t go overboard. You have a little bit and go on with the day.

– Scott Scanlon

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